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【 Valerophenone|1-Phenyl-1-pentanone|Cas No. 1009-14-9 】

Valerophenone supplier: Hebei Guanlang Biotechnology

1-Phenyl-1-pentanone factory: Guanlang

Cas number:1009-14-9

Origin: China

Guanlang biotechnology is a leading valerophenone supplier and manufacturer in china,

Valerophenone (1-Phenyl-1-pentanone), which is an aromatic ketone. The molecular formula of Valerophenone (1-Phenyl-1-pentanone) is C11H14O.Valerophenone (1-Phenyl-1-pentanone)  is a colorless liquid with a flash point of 102°C. Valerophenone (1-Phenyl-1-pentanone) is an organic chemical reagent. Valerophenone (1-Phenyl-1-pentanone) is used as a tool in the study of various photochemical processes.

Valerophenone (1-Phenyl-1-pentanone) is also an inhibitor of the enzyme carbonyl reductase. It should store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances.The purity of Valerophenone (1-Phenyl-1-pentanone) can reach more than 99%. Our annual output can reach 500 to 800 tons. Any other questions about Valerophenone (1-Phenyl-1-pentanone) call us or send message. We can also recommend more related products awaiting your inquiry.

There are two kinds of packing for the Valerophenone (1-Phenyl-1-pentanone) produced by our company, the small packing is 25kg drum and the big packing is 200kg drum.

Valerophenone (1-Phenyl-1-pentanone) is a non-dangerous product, easy to transport.

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